• 27 Jan 2022

    Fighting energy poverty: Public policies and best practices across the EU

    How do European and national institutions care for vulnerable people? How do the conceptions of wellbeing, poverty and social support differ in European countries? And what strategies are in place to address energy poverty and health issues at once?

    The EU-funded WELLBASED project addresses these questions in a report on public policies and interventions to reduce energy poverty. You will get a sense of how policies and measures are being designed both at EU and national levels.

    Moreover, the publication includes examples of the broad range of energy poverty interventions, from customised household support (energy audits, aid for energy bills, installations and appliances…) to obligations for energy supply companies such as information and transparency standards or the ban of energy disconnection during the winter

    How to engage energy poor and vulnerable consumers in the energy transition?

    The European Commission's Just Transition working group, led by Energy Cities in the run-up of the 2021 Citizens Energy Forum, summarised their work in a public report that highlights the importance of enabling access to RES consumption and production for vulnerable citizens. In parallel, energy efficiency measures and in particular massive renovation waves are essential to truly empower and lift citizens out of energy poverty. These vulnerable citizens must be able to participate in the energy transition, its governance and seize its opportunities. They must be given the means to do so, particularly through popular energy education measure.

    This report also proposes a non-exhaustive series of innovative measures such as: creating a solidarity solar bank, providing energy literacy and empowerment guidelines, targeting social housing, encouraging RES development in unused spaces to benefit the surrounding vulnerable communities.

    Two reports that will help municipalities tackle energy poverty! Download them now:

    WELLBASED report

     Just Transition report