• 23 Jan 2019

    Updated guidance for Covenant cities on adaptation launched

    We have updated the Urban Adaptation Support Tool (UAST), jointly developed by the Covenant of Mayors Office and the European Environment agency. This new and improved version of the tool was released today!

    Users are guided through all the steps to develop, implement and monitor an adaptation action plan in alignment with the Covenant principles. The tool also contains links to external valuable resources and guidance, case-studies and examples for every step of the adaptation planning process.

    The tool features indications and tips (highlighted by a Covenant logo) on how the different steps can help to fulfil the Covenant commitments on adaptation. It also indicates where information already included in the Covenant reporting platform can be used to advance on a specific step.

    Covenant signatory cities have tested and approved the Urban Adaptation Support Tool. Their comments were instrumental to make the latest improvements.

    This revamp of the Urban Adaptation Support Tool is part of a general update of the Climate ADAPT portal, the European Union’s platform for knowledge on climate change adaptation. The improvements were also informed by the action plan of the Climate Adaptation partnership under the EU Urban Agenda and therefore reflect the needs and views of a wide group of stakeholders.

    You can check the updated tool at https://climate-adapt.eea.europa.eu/knowledge/tools/urban-ast/step-0-0