• 06 Jun 2018

    Discover the new My Covenant extranet on our website!

    The "My Covenant" extranet has been fully revamped and features a series of improvements to ease access and usage for the European Covenant community. Find out below about the main features of the new My Covenant on our website

    The new My Covenant section has been developed using inputs from Covenant users and accommodating them in the best possible way in the design, logic and security of the system. My Covenant is in line with all current EU cybersecurity guidelines and compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

    What are the some of the main advantages of the new My Covenant extranet?

    - The start page has been changed to accommodate a quick overview of what is considered useful information for you when logging in

    - The reporting corner has been made more flexible to insert information in your SEAPs/SECAPs and corresponding monitoring reports

    - For Covenant coordinators, one of the most useful features is the eye icon. By clicking on the eye icon that you find on the list of your associated signatories, you will be able to "impersonate" the signatory and see its profile as if you were the signatory itself 

    - The overall layout and design of My Covenant has been modernised and simplified, in line with the "feel" of the public Covenant website 

    Welcome guide for My Covenant

    To facilitate the adoption and use of the new My Covenant system, the European Covenant of Mayors Office has developed a welcome guide that introduces you step-by-step to the revamped and improved My Covenant. Check it out here, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the helpdesk at info@eumayors.eu