• 18 Sep 2019

    The Green City Tool: city governance and sustainable urban planning

    The European Commission just launched the Green City Tool, a self-assessment and benchmarking tool for cities, and a source of information and advice for anyone wanting to learn more about making cities greener and more sustainable.

    This tool is all about city governance and the approach taken to sustainable urban planning – it is not about quantitative indicators of sustainability, although it will guide users to the best places to find such information.

    Who is this tool for?

    Cities can use the tool anonymously or, if they wish, register themselves officially, and put themselves on the Green City map, to show others that they are committed to becoming more sustainable, and communicate what they are planning to do next. Registration will also allow them to compare their results to those of other cities, including European Green Capital and Green Leaf winners.

    How can it be used?

    The tool has a number of easy-to-use features and functions, and it is flexible too – allowing the user to pick and choose which topics they want to cover, and which functions you would like to use. Topic guides, links, and practical examples from cities are also available.

    The European Commission also published a guide, based on the advice and recommendations of experts in urban planning who are from cities that have actually made the transition to sustainability. It also contains the latest knowledge and expertise from relevant experts in environmental legislation from the European Commission, as well as those involved in managing European funding opportunities for cities, and those who know about EU knowledge sharing networks and research.

    Access the tool

    Download the guide