• 13 Jun 2018

    Water Innovation Europe 2018

    Bluepoint center, Brussels
    Organiser: Supporters

    From 13-14 June, Covenant supporter WssTP Europe is organising the Water Innovation Europe 2018 conference  under the title ‘The road towards a water-smart society: overcoming the water challenges of the future’. It will address questions like: how has Europe responded thus far to the water crises? What are the threats and the opportunities? What needs to change in the way that water is managed and organised in Europe? Does the European water sector interact sufficiently with other economic and societal sectors? And what role can European knowledge, research, and innovative solutions play in addressing the water crises both in Europe and beyond?

    Water Innovation Europe 2018 is organised in 5 sessions, namely:

    1. Water crisis
    2. Water Smart Cities
    3. Water Smart Industry
    4. Water Smart Agriculture
    5. Water Smart Society

    Registration (Note: there is an entrance fee for participants, for more details please check the conference website at waterinnovationeurope.eu)