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Horizon 2020 Beenergi project offers training to Covenant community on developing energy efficiency projects !
Horizon 2020 Beenergi project offers training to Covenant community on developing energy efficiency projects !
4 August 2017 - 14:31

The EU-funded Beenergi project of the Spanish Covenant coordinator Girona province has launched a new training opportunity for the Covenant community.

Beenergi is a Horizon 2020 project (2015-2018) that aims to provide technical, legal and financial assistance to Covenant municipalities covered by the province of Girona, in order to support them in developing energy efficiency projects in public lighting, municipal buildings and district heating and cooling networks (focusing in particular on biomass boilers).

Furthermore, Covenant coordinator Girona province aims at bundling energy efficiency investments of its municipalities through the project, so that these can accelerate the implementation of their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action plans (SECAPs).

Girona province also uses Beenergi to create and promote ESCO and micro-ESCO (energy service SMEs) contracts among its municipalities, provide access to precise data on energy consumption and train relevant energy efficiency stakeholders (e.g. installers, municipal technicians, maintenance personnel, etc.) on its territory. 

Covenant coordinator Girona province now invites other Covenant coordinators and signatory cities to learn from its successful model through a comprehensive training programme. From September 2017 to February 2018, Covenant regions, provinces and municipalities can join the following activities offered by the province of Girona:

  • September 2017: Webinar on results of Girona's Beenergi programme
  • October 2017: Train-the-trainers webinar to replicate the Beenergi model, especially by targeting stakeholders seeking to work on ESCO and micro-ESCO contracts
  • February 2018: Two-day European workshop in Girona, focusing on energy efficiency in street lighting, installing district heating systems and biomass boilers, and sustainable forest management. 

For attending the European workshop in Girona, participants need to cover their travel and accommodation costs. Covenant Coordinators and cities interested in joining the Beenergi training can choose to participate in any of the offered activities. Places for the training programme are limited, and applications will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis.

  • In order to apply for the Beenergi training programme, please use this form
  • Contact at Girona province for further information:
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