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Covenant of Mayors webinar - Engaging people in Smart Grids
Covenant of Mayors webinar - Engaging people in Smart Grids
19 März 2015 09:30 - 11:00
Online, Belgium
Energy grids become smarter changing the role of consumers drastically. 

The webinar is about the possibilities to engage consumers (citizens, SMEs) in the energy sector. The S3C EU FP7 project toolkit (tools, guidelines) for Smart Grid projects as well as best-practice examples about successful consumer activation will be presented. 

The webinar addresses the following main questions:

- What benefits can smart grids bring to communities?

- How to win citizens’ attention and interest and how can they be used to help people saving energy? 

- How to turn this technical topic into a regional initiative?

Speakers: Ludwig Karg and Kerstin Niemeier (B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH).

The webinar can be of interest primarily to decision-makers, utilities, and anyone who is involved in (or intends to become involved in) the development of smart grid projects, products, or services.

Organiser: Covenant of Mayors Office, S3C (Smart Consumer, Smart Customer, Smart Citizen) & CEDEC


Contact details: Sara GAYARRE (CEDEC)
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